Here are some common questions about the AGRI Farm to School First Bite Mini Grant. If you have questions that are not addressed here, please email them to with "AGRI Farm to School First Bite Mini Grant" in the subject line. We will post all questions and answers on this page.

  • What will be the end date of the grant? This will help us plan for our plan to purchase seasonal produce.
    • The grant will begin in January 2022 and end August 31, 2023.
  • Can MDH SHIP funding (or other state funding) be used as the matching funds for the equipment 1:1 match requirement for this grant?
    • State funds (including SHIP funds) cannot be used as matching funds. State funds are defined as funds that were obtained through the budgeting process of the Minnesota Legislature or granted by a State agency.
  • I work with a Family and Consumer sciences classes to grow produce to use in our program. Is this something that would qualify for the First Bite grant?
    • Grant funds must be used for the school lunch program. School garden produce is not an eligible expense for this grant.
  • We are a school that serves through the NSLP. However, we use a Food Service Management Company for our meals, so we do not purchase our own food directly. Are we still eligible to apply for this grant? If so, are there any special considerations we need to make?
    • Yes, you are eligible for this grant but will need to show evidence that the school received the benefit.