2024 Vendor/Market Training has closed.

View our full list of authorized farmers' markets for the 2024 season. If you are a market interested in being authorized please reach out to us.

Do you have questions about FMNP?

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  • Visit our Q & A page for commonly asked questions about modernization and FMNP in general.
  • If you can't find the answer to your question, call us at 651-201-6060 or email us at fmnp.mda@state.mn.us.


Are you looking for a way to reach new customers and help your vendors increase sales?

Farmers provide the fresh, unprocessed, locally grown fruits, vegetables, and herbs that are at the core of both the Senior Farmers' Market Nutrition Program (SFMNP) and Women, Infants & Children (WIC) Farmers' Market Nutrition Program (FMNP) (together known as FMNP). At the same time, FMNP participants learn about farmers' markets and how to buy fresh products from local farmers.

As a market manager, you are a key player for FMNP. You provide guidance to your market’s Authorized Vendors and assistance to program participants during their time at your market.

Requirements for Farmers' Markets

To be eligible to become an Authorized Farmers' Market, your market must have:

  1. Established days and hours of operation at established site(s).
  2. A minimum of three Authorized FMNP Vendors and the guaranteed presence of at least one Authorized Vendor during posted hours of operation.
  3. A designated contact (market manager or member) that attends an FMNP vendor training session and agrees to assist in program compliance.
  4. Established market rules or by-laws that contain, at minimum:
    1. Membership fees, a dues structure, or some other revenue source
    2. A method to establish and enforce market rules and operating procedures
    3. A process to amend market by-laws and rules
  5. No fee for members to participate in FMNP.
  6. At least one successful summer of operation prior to authorization.
  7. A location near an FMNP distribution site.
  8. Take an FMNP training

Contact us to see if your market is eligible to become an Authorized Market for the upcoming season.