Minnesota law (Minn. Stat. 18C.411) requires registration of all brands or grades of specialty fertilizers offered for sale in this state. Each grade of fertilizer that contains a pesticide is considered a unique brand of fertilizer and requires separate registration as a specialty fertilizer in addition to registration as a pesticide.

Certain pesticide products known as minimum risk pesticides are exempt, pursuant to section 25(b) of FIFRA, from both state and federal pesticide product registration requirements. This is provided the labels comply with the minimum requirements set forth for exempt products.

However, if the product is also a significant source of plant nutrients a fertilizer registration or license is required in order to offer the product for sale. Corn gluten meal used as a preemergent herbicide on turf grass is an example of this type of product. Although the product may be exempt from the pesticide registration requirements, the product is still required to be registered as a specialty fertilizer.