The purpose of the Pesticide Management Plan Committee (PMPC) is to provide informed and diverse comment to the commissioner of agriculture for major water quality evaluation activities and decisions. The PMPC was established in 2005 in accordance with the Minnesota Pesticide Management Plan: A Plan for the Protection of Groundwater and Surface Water. This committee is one element of ensuring open and equitable comment on decisions for all MDA stakeholders.

The PMPC meets at least once per year to review the MDA’s annual water monitoring report. At the meeting, MDA staff present groundwater and surface water monitoring data from the previous year and discuss findings with the committee. For more information visit PMPC Meeting Agenda and Notes.


PMPC members are selected by the commissioner following the open appointment process (Minn. Stat. § 15.0597) and serve for two-year terms. PMPC membership includes representation from the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, the Minnesota Department of Health, the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, University of Minnesota Extension, farm organizations, farmers, environmental organizations, and industry, in addition to at-large members. The MDA appreciates the contributions that these individuals, and the organizations they represent, make in implementing Minnesota's plan for protecting groundwater and surface water.

The PMPC serves at the discretion of the commissioner, who establishes the final composition of the committee. In accordance with the Pesticide Management Plan, preference is given to candidates with relevant scientific credentials, broad representation of their interest group, and experience in Minnesota. Members of the committee should, but are not required to, have scientific expertise in areas such as hydrology, natural resources, pesticide chemistry, pesticide use, public health, soil chemistry, or toxicology. If you are interested in participating on the PMPC, please contact the MDA for more information. To view list of open positions and apply, visit the Minnesota Secretary of State PMPC website.

Current Members

Position/Seat Member Name
Minnesota Department of Health Representative Deanna Scher
Minnesota Department of Natural Resources Representative Jason Garms
Minnesota Pollution Control Agency Representative William Cole
Industry Representative David Flakne
Environmental Organization Representative Howard Markus
Farm Organization Representative David Kee
Farmer Representative #1 Brandon Fast
Farmer Representative #2 Steve Anderson
University of Minnesota Extension Service Representative #1 Robert Koch
University of Minnesota Extension Service Representative #2 [Vacant]
At-Large Member #1 Jerome Lensing
At-Large Member #2 Jill Trescott
At-Large Member #3 Jonathon Peterson
Tribal Representative Renee Keezer
Urban Pesticide Specialist Christopher Aumock

*Representation supported by Minn. Stat. § 18B.045 and the PMP (Chapter 9)