The Statewide Cooperative Partnership for Local and Regional Markets is a group of 40+ organizations that will provide input on the diverse experiences of small- and mid-sized producers across the state. This project is led by representatives from the Minnesota Department of Agriculture (MDA) and University of Minnesota (UMN).

Key contacts

  • Lebo Moore, MDA
  • Kate Seybold, MDA
  • Hikaru Peterson, UMN
  • Casey McNichols, UMN Graduate Assistant

Project team

  • Valerie Gamble, MDA
  • Heidi Hagman, MDA
  • Emily Jerve, MDA
  • Shannon Kesner, MDA
  • Lillian Otieno, MDA
  • Helen Murray, Minnesota Institute for Sustainable Agriculture
  • Jan Joannides, Renewing the Countryside
  • Greg Schweser, UMN Extension Regional Sustainable Development Partnerships

Primary partners

  • Kevin Klair, Center for Farm Financial Management
  • Sai Thao, Compeer Financial
  • Tait Berg, Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis
  • Claudine Arndt, Minnesota Cooks, a program of Minnesota Farmers Union
  • Sadie Gannet, Minnesota Department of Health
  • Kathy Zeman, Minnesota Farmers’ Market Association
  • Karly Ackerman, Minnesota Grocers Association
  • Jane Jewett, Minnesota Institute for Sustainable Agriculture
  • Jerry Ford, Sustainable Farming Association of Minnesota

Center for Farm Financial Management Compeer Financial Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis Hmong American Partnership Latino Economic Development Center Minnesota Cooks, a program of Minnesota Farmers Union Minnesota Department of Health Minnesota Farmers' Market Association Minnesota Grocers Association Minnesota Grown Minnesota Institute for Sustainable Agriculture Northern Plains Sustainable Ag Produce Safety Advisory Group Project Sweetie Pie Renewing the Countryside Southern Minnesota Initiative Foundation Sprout Sustainable Farming Association of Minnesota UMN College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences UMN Extension Regional Sustainable Development Partnerships

Minnesota Grown Advisory Committee

  • Kathy Zeman, Minnesota Farmers' Market Association
  • Tami Bredeson, Carlos Creek Winery
  • Jerry Untiedt, Central Minnesota Vegetable Growers Association
  • John Jacobson, Minnesota Apple Growers Association
  • Ryan Cox, Minnesota Association of Meat Processors
  • Craig Fischer, Minnesota Bison Association
  • Tom Wolcyn, Minnesota Christmas Tree Association
  • Brenda Hartkopf, Minnesota Elk Breeders
  • Gary Pahl, Minnesota Fruit and Vegetable Growers Association
  • Jenny Ellenbecker, Minnesota Grape Growers Association
  • Ike Strohmayer, Minnesota Honey Producers Association
  • Sherry Stirling, Minnesota Lamb and Wool Producers Association
  • Jon Horsman, Minnesota Landscape Association
  • Rachel Sannerud, Pluck Flower Farm
  • Nick Valentine, Russ Davis Wholesale
  • Charlie Johnson, Saint Paul Growers Association

Produce Safety Advisory Group

  • Ron Branch, Berry Ridge Farm
  • Noreen Thomas, Doubting Thomas Farm
  • Matt Frank, The Food Group/Big River Farms
  • David Van Eeckhout, The Good Acre
  • Janssen Hang, Hmong American Farming Association
  • Rodrigo Cala, Latino Economic Development Center and Cala Farms
  • Lakisha Witter, Live Organically Farm
  • Charlie Johnson, Minnesota Apple Growers
  • Minnesota Fruit and Vegetable Growers Association
  • Michael Chaney, Project Sweetie Pie
  • Jessie Bavelli, Sprout Food Hub
  • Arlene Jones, Sprout Food Hub
  • Annalisa Hultberg, University of Minnesota Extension