Each year a report is published indicating the ACRRA revenue collected, the program expenditures and the fund balance.

The ACRRA program was created as part of the 1989 Minnesota Groundwater Protection Act to provide financial assistance for cleaning up incidents causing agricultural chemical contamination. The ACRRA program funds are administered by the Agricultural Chemical Response Compensation Board. The Board determines the eligibility of applicants and whether costs submitted are eligible, reasonable, and necessary.

The ACRRA program is funded by the collection of annual surcharges on pesticide and fertilizer sales, and on applicator and dealer licenses. As a condition of obtaining a license or registration from the MDA, a person must pay the ACRRA surcharge. The revenue collected supports the ACRRA program operations.

Historic ACRRA annual reports can be found in the Mandated Reports in the Minnesota Legislative Reference Library. View the most recent reports under "Forms and Resources".