What is the maximum amount I can apply for? $20,000

Is there a minimum amount? No

What can be considered in-kind or match? Time or finances to complete the proposed work, equipment, other grants are examples

What kinds of projects or work might be covered by this grant? M.S. 18.90 language

Does a County Agriculture Inspector have to be involved? Yes, CAI has to review the application

How do I apply? Noxious Weed and Invasive Plant Grant Proposal Application (PDF)

Is county board approval necessary? No, and not having board approval does not disqualify an application

If I need to make changes to the duties listed in the grant contract, what should I do? Please contact Emilie Justen to set up a grant contract amendment

What kinds of projects were funded in 2018? Projects included equipment and herbicide purchases, mapping and spraying noxious weeds, hiring private applicators, setting up cost share programs with private landowners, and outreach activities.

Can this grant be used for equipment purchases? Yes, though equipment purchases are capped at $5,000 for 2019

Does this grant require a certain percentage for match? No, the grant does not require a match, though it is encouraged and you can include things like equipment usage or personnel time as in-kind match.

If we plan to treat roadsides, can we estimate the number of road miles instead of acres that will be treated? Yes, road miles is acceptable.

Should I include billable rate or wage rate? Either is acceptable, please include wages and associated fringe for time spent directly on the grant project.