Small package pesticides on pallets.
  1. Read and follow label instructions. Label instructions will provide the appropriate information for use, safe handling, and storage for the particular product. Following label instructions will help you avoid misuse, human health risks, and possible environmental contamination.
  2. Open and partial containers or broken bags of pesticide cannot be resold.
  3. Broken bags of fertilizer containing pesticide cannot be resold.

Storage Recommendations

The following recommendations will reduce the chance of harm to humans, wildlife, and contamination to surface or ground water.


  1. Store small packaged fertilizer in an area that is secure. A fence with a locked gate will prevent people, pets, and wildlife from unauthorized access.
  2. Outside bagged fertilizer storage should be covered in a manner that protects the product from the physical elements. The storage must be able to contain small spills. In the event of rainfall, do not allow runoff from the storage area to enter storm sewers.
  3. Small packaged fertilizer that is stored indoors should be kept in an area containing an impervious floor with no open drains.
  4. Entrances to storage areas should be posted with warning signs and secured.
  5. Storage areas should have sufficient lighting and be adequately ventilated.