The Incident Response Unit (IRU) Priority List includes sites that are associated with the manufacture, storage, transportation, distribution, disposal or handling of agricultural chemicals.

These sites fall into two groups:

  1. sites with known agricultural chemical incidents (such as spills) (defined in Minn. Stat. Chapter 18D.01, Subd. 6)
  2. sites that do not have a documented incident

For those sites with known incidents, at least one soil or ground-water sample was collected and analyzed, and the analytical results indicate that the sample(s) contain(s) agricultural chemicals.

Many of the sites on the Priority List, including those with known contamination, are no longer used for agricultural chemical operations. The sites that are no longer operating have the designation “AB” for “abandoned” on the Priority List. It should be noted that the MDA has not confirmed that sites without the “AB” designation are still in operation.

The MDA has identified, located, and mapped former agricultural chemical sites in Minnesota. More than 500 former agricultural chemical sites have been located and evaluated. Some of these sites did not require additional follow up. Other sites had already been placed on the Priority List. There were 135 sites that required follow up and were added to the Priority List. The MDA continues to identify agricultural chemical facilities as they are decommissioned/abandoned, and invites the owners/operators to enroll these sites in the Voluntary/Brownfield (AgVIC) program. Abandoned sites not enrolled into the Voluntary/Brownfields (AgVIC) program are added to the Priority List.


Search for Priority List Sites by Location

The “What’s In My Neighborhood? Agricultural Interactive Mapping” tool allows you to search for sites that are on the MDA’s Priority List.

Request Specific Information about a Site

To request information about a specific site, contact the Data Management Unit at or 651-201-6698 with the MDA Project File Number, the name and the location of the site.