What is Metribuzin?

Metribuzin is a selective and systemic herbicide that control weeds by inhibiting photosynthesis. Metribuzin is labeled to use on soybeans, potatoes, alfalfa, carrots, corn, and tomatoes. Metribuzin belongs to site-of-action 5 photosynthesis inhibitor. It is a commonly detected pesticide in Minnesota’s groundwater. In Minnesota, metribuzin-based products are mainly used on soybeans and potatoes.


Pesticide Type Herbicide (Group 5)
Chemical Class Photosystem II inhibitor herbicide
Common Trade Names* Boundary, Dimetric, Glory, Matador, Metribuzin, Tricor
Registration Status EPA: Registered since 1973
MN: Registered

chemical structure diagram of metribuzin

*No endorsement is implied in the referencing of trade names.

The following links explain the importance of metribuzin in Minnesota agriculture, its impact on Minnesota’s environment, and steps being taken by the MDA to minimize the presence of metribuzin in water.