The Minnesota Department of Agriculture (MDA) has prepared the following standard analytical lists for soil and ground water analyses at pesticide incident investigations. At a typical pesticide incident site, MDA staff will require that soil and ground water samples be analyzed for the pesticides listed on one or more of the following lists plus any pesticides not on a list which are a concern at that site. The actual MDA requirements for each incident investigation are always site specific.

The Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC) plan and analytical methods used by the proposed commercial laboratory must be pre-approved by MDA for each pesticide incident investigation. A QA/QC plan on file at MDA, which has been pre-approved or updated within the last two years generally will be acceptable for fulfilling this requirement. Please note that pesticides not on one of the analytical lists must be analyzed by a laboratory that holds current MDH state certification or current state certification from another state that has direct reciprocity with Minnesota.

Pesticide residue samples should be collected, stored and transported using EPA approved methods and chain of custody procedures. Lists of commercial laboratories (GD23 Pre-approved Commercial Laboratories: Fixed Base and Mobile) with approved QA/QC plans, and guidance documents on soil (GD11 Soil Sampling Guidance) and ground water (GD12 Ground Water Sampling Guidance) sample collection protocols are available from MDA upon request or can be viewed or downloaded from our web site.

Additional analytical lists are currently under development including many of the newer pesticides.

These lists will be reviewed and updated periodically: See MDA guidance document GD24 Fixed Base Laboratory Quality Assurance/Quality Control for specific laboratory reporting limits for soil and water for each compound.

List 1 Pesticides - (Neutrals)

  1. acetochlor (Harness/Surpass)
  2. alachlor (Lasso)
  3. atrazine (Aatrex)
  4. chlorpyrifos (Lorsban)
  5. cyanazine (Bladex)
  6. deethylatrazine
  7. deisopropylatrazine
  8. dimethenamid (Frontier)
  9. EPTC (Eptam/Eradicane)
  10. ethalfluralin (Sonalan)
  11. fonofos (Dyfonate)
  12. metribuzin (Lexone/Sencor)
  13. pendimethalin (Prowl)
  14. phorate (Thimet)
  15. propachlor (Ramrod)
  16. prometon (Pramitol)
  17. propazine (Milogard)
  18. simazine (Princep)
  19. terbufos (Counter)
  20. triallate (Far-go)
  21. trifluralin (Treflan)
  22. metolachlor (Dual)

List 2 Pesticides - (Acids)

  1. 2,4-D
  2. 2,4-DB (Butyrac)
  3. bentazon (Basagran)
  4. dicamba (Banvel)
  5. MCPA
  6. picloram (Tordon)
  7. 2,4,5,-T
  8. 2,4,5,-TP (Silvex)
  9. triclopyr (Garlon)

List 3 Pesticides - (Carbamates)

  1. aldicarb (total), including aldicarb sulfoxide, aldicarb sulfone, (Temik)
  2. carbaryl (Sevin)
  3. carbofuran (total), including 3-OH carbofuran, (Furadan)

Unique Chemistry

  1. bromoxynil (Buctril)
  2. clomozone (Command)