We're no longer accepting applications for this program. Details on this page apply to the spring 2024 round of funding. The next application period opens in summer 2024.

The AGRI Meat, Poultry, Egg, and Milk Processing (MPEM) Grant offers designated grants to facilitate the start-up, modernization, or expansion of meat, poultry, egg, and milk processing businesses. The intent of the program is to increase sales of Minnesota-raised livestock products by investing in equipment and physical improvements that support processing, capacity, market diversification, and market access.

Eligibility and funding priorities

Eligible applicants include:

  • Individuals
  • Farmers
  • Businesses
  • Agricultural cooperatives
  • Nonprofit organizations
  • Educational institutions
  • Local governments
  • Tribal governments

We will prioritize projects that:

  • Create additional meat or poultry slaughter and processing capacity.
  • Increase access to Kosher or Halal markets.
  • Contribute to a food safety plan or increase food safety.
  • Are improvements for operations owned by individuals in historically underserved communities or for businesses that directly serve historically underserved communities.

Amount available

We expect to award $750,000 through the spring round of the AGRI MPEM Grant.

Cash match

This grant requires a cash match. For the match:

  • You are responsible for 50% of the first $50,000 to receive up to a $25,000 reimbursement.
  • For costs after the first $50,000, you are responsible for 75% of the total remaining cost to receive 25% reimbursement, up to a maximum grant award of $150,000.


  • You are working on a project that is expected to cost $400,000.
  • We will reimburse $25,000 of the first $50,000 of expenses. After that, you would be eligible for $87,500 from the state and would have to contribute the remaining $262,500.
  • In total, you would be eligible for $112,500 from the state and you would pay for the other $287,500.
Table 1. Example $400,000 project showing the reimbursement amount and your contribution

Project Cost

Grant Reimbursement

Your Cost

First $50,000



Remaining $350,000



Total Cost: $400,000




The application period for this grant has ended. We expect the next application period to begin in summer 2024; check back for updated program materials.

To learn more about the program and start planning for next year, read the spring 2024 MPEM Request for Proposals (PDF). This grant program is subject to change so you should read the updated RFP when it's posted. You can also view our list of past projects and request a copy of an application to help you prepare. Contact us if you need this information in an alternative format.

Relationship to the AGRI Value-Added Grant

In fall 2023, we ran the Fiscal Year 2024 AGRI MPEM and Value-Added grants as a single program with two application tracks. Currently, only the MPEM track is accepting applications. Value-added businesses who do not process meat, poultry, eggs, or milk are ineligible to apply at this time.