The Minnesota Department of Agriculture developed the Organic Farm Directory to benefit organic farmers and buyers in Minnesota. It is intended for farms that sell to each other and to processors, traders, retailers, chefs, and other intermediate or large-scale buyers. If you are seeking organic or other local products for personal use, try the Minnesota Grown Directory.

ARE YOU A FARMER? Use it to:

  • Identify production and market opportunities, as well as areas of saturation. If you see that every other organic farmer in your area is producing barley, you may decide to plant a different small grain instead. Or, if no one else in the area is growing organic dry beans or sunflowers, maybe those are crops you’d like to explore.
  • Find advice and assistance (e.g., If you are interested in flax production, you might contact farmers who have listed themselves as organic flax growers).
  • Form production or marketing alliances. For example, maybe you learn that four other growers within a 100-mile radius are planting organic blue corn. You may all want to get together and negotiate as a group with buyers or shippers.

ARE YOU A BUYER? Use it to:

  • Identify and contact farmers already growing a commodity they want to buy.
  • Find groups of farmers that farm in a certain county or region.
  • Contact farmers about potential production contracts.

We also want this directory to help agricultural professionals – including extension educators, department of agriculture staff, and others – identify areas of the state that have clusters of organic growers who may need technical assistance or services.

NOTE: This is a voluntary directory that lists approximately 200 of the estimated 700 organic farms in the state. No farm was listed without its permission.