1. Contact MDA Export Services (651-201-6558) to determine whether or not your commodity is eligible for phytosanitary certification. Only raw and minimally processed plant products are eligible.
  2. Contact MDA Export Services (651-201-6558) to determine phytosanitary certification (phyto) requirements for destination country.
    1. If you need a phyto, make sure you can meet all the requirements for the destination country.
    2. If a phyto is not needed, determine whether or not you would want one for business needs, and make sure you can meet the certification requirements.
  3. Determine how you will meet the inspection requirements to obtain a phyto.
    1. Nursery stock, logs/lumber, and seeds are inspected by MDA.
    2. Grain in bulk or large quantity is inspected by FGIS and a 921-2 inspection form is issued.
  4. Create an application in PCIT and submit it to the MDA duty station (MN: Saint Paul (state)).
    1. Attach your 921-2 inspection form to you PCIT application or set up an inspection time with MDA by calling.
    2. Keep track of your time-line to avoid inspection expiration. Typically inspections are good for 30 days, but some countries have shorter time limits.
    3. Make sure you have provided MDA with all the supporting paperwork required to certify your commodity to its destination country. Any documents that are in a foreign language must be presented in their original form and with an English translation.
  5. MDA will process all complete applications (with all supporting inspections and paperwork) in 1-3 business days. Certificates are mailed to the applicant by US mail, unless the applicant requests a different method or address.
  6. Phytosanitary certificates must be presented to the National Plant Protection Organization (NPPO) in the destination country at the time the shipment arrives in that country.
    1. Phytos may be mailed to a broker in the destination country that will supply the NPPO with the paperwork at the time the shipment arrives.
    2. Phytos may be attached or put in boxes with the shipment to ensure they arrive at the same time as the shipment.

Caution: NEVER put phytos in shipping label holders on the outside of boxes – they tend to disappear along the way to the destination country.