Federal Phytosanitary Certificates:

  • A certificate often required by countries as proof that agricultural products being imported have been inspected in the country of origin and are free of plant pests (insects, weed seeds, diseases).
  • The MDA is authorized to issue these Federal Documents for the USDA.
  • Applications are processed on-line.
  • $75 MDA fee + $6 USDA admin fee = $81 / Certificate

State Phytosanitary Certificates:

  • A certificate occasionally required by U.S. states as proof that agricultural products have been inspected in the state of origin and are free of plant pests (insects, weed seeds, diseases).
  • The process is equivalent to the Federal Phytosanitary Certification Program but is done at the state level without Federal oversight.
  • Applications are processed on-line.
  • $75 / Certificate

Replacement Phytosanitary Certificates (Federal or State): 

  • If the change is due to a customer error or change:  same cost as original certificate.
  • If the change is due to an MDA or USDA error: replacements are free of charge.
  • Replacement requests are processed on-line.

Export Inspections:

  • All inspections including Phytosanitary (at time of shipment), Growing Season (parent plants), and Pest Certification (Japanese beetle and European corn borer) are billed at the same rate.
  • $50 / hour, including travel time, PLUS
  • Mileage reimbursement at current IRS rate (2018 = $0.545 / mile).
  • Growing season inspections are requested by submitting an application.
  • Large grain shipments are officially sampled and inspected by FGIS authorized companies in Minnesota.  Those companies provide a 921-2 inspection form that can be used in lieu of MDA inspection of the shipment.  Contact them directly to schedule inspections and/or discuss charges. 
  • MDA inspects all other raw or minimally processed plant products for phytosanitary certification, such as logs, lumber, nursery stock, and seed.

Lab Tests (Phytosanitary needs only):

  • $50 / test, for most phytosanitary tests. Call for specifics. 
  • Please contact the University or a private lab for non-phytosanitary certification tests and plant diagnostics.

Japanese Beetle (JB) Compliance Certificates:

  • Used to ship plants and sod to category 1 & 2 states (typically south and west of Minnesota).
  • $25 / compliance certificate, PLUS
  • Inspection charges for trapping or soil sampling, as needed, at the standard inspection fee rate.

European Corn Borer (ECB) Certificates:

  • Used by grain elevators shipping dried corn to prove freedom from large corn cob pieces regulated by Western States for European corn borer.
  • Annual inspection of screens at the standard inspection rate, PLUS
  • $25 / Certificate  (One certificate is required per shipment (train).)

State of Origin Certificates:

  • Used to ship small grains through Canada and back into the U.S. by rail.
  • Grain may NOT be off loaded in Canada.
  • Compliance agreement to follow the rules updated every 3 years (no charge).
  • $25 / Certificate.  (One certificate is required per shipment (train).)

Non-GMO Grain Certification:

  • MDA has partnered with Minnesota Crop Improvement (MCIA) to create a Minnesota non-GMO grain certification program.
  • The program begins before planting, so advance planning is required. 
  • There is an option of receiving an MDA issued non-GMO Certificate of Compliance (requested through MCIA). 
  • All program administration and billing is conducted by MCIA and questions should be directed to them at 800-510-6242