Seminars for farmers and producers

Several partner organizations hosted webinars where we shared information about the 2021 Agricultural Drought Relief Program (ADRoP). Here are the recordings:

Thank you to Minnesota Farm Bureau Federation for also hosting a webinar on June 21.

In-Person Application Clinic

Thank you to The Good Acre for hosting this application clinic on June 29.

  • If you have questions or want to be connected with someone to help complete your application (especially in Hmong or Spanish), contact David Van Eeckhout at

Technical Assistance

Contact these organizations for help with your application:

University of Minnesota Extension’s Farm Information Line

  • Open to all Minnesota farmers and producers
  • Call: 1-800-232-9077
  • Hours: We answer voicemail and email requests Monday through Friday afternoons. Leave a detailed voicemail or email us with your question for a timely response.
  • After hours and weekends: Leave a detailed voicemail or email with your question and we'll answer you on the next scheduled Farm Information Line working day.
  • Anytime: Email us at

Region Five Development Commission

  • Open to farmers in Cass, Crow Wing, Morrison, Todd, and Wadena counties via Zoom and phone
  • Contact Stephanie Barney by phone at 218.296.5201 or email at


More information about the program is available on the program’s webpage or by contacting the ADRoP Team ( or calling the Grants Line at 651-201-6500.

Macluumaad dheeraad ah oo ku saabsan barnaamijka ayaa laga heli karaa bogga internetka ee barnaamijka ama iyada oo lala xiriirayo Kooxda ADRoP ( ama iyada oo laga soo wacayo Khadka Deeqaha 651-201-6500.

ဆူညါတၢ်ဂ့ၢ်တၢ်ကျိၤဘၣ်ဃးတၢ်ရဲၣ်တၢ်ကျဲၤအံၤ တၢ်ဒိးန့ၢ်အီၤသ့ဖဲ တၢ်ရဲၣ်တၢ်ကျဲၤပှာ်ယဲၤသန့အလိၤ မ့တမ့ၢ် ခီဖျိတၢ်ဆဲးကျိး ADRoP ကရူၢ် ( မ့တမ့ၢ် ကိးစ့တိာ်ပာ်လီတဲစိကျိၤ ဖဲ 651-201-6500 သ့ဝဲန့ၣ်လီၤ.

Puede obtener más información sobre el programa en la página web del programa, o escribiendo al equipo del ADRoP ( o llamando a la Línea de Subsidios al 651-201-6500.

Kom paub ntau dua txog qhov kev pab no yeej muaj nyob rau hauv qhov program lub vas sab los yog tiv tauj rau pawg neeg ADRoP team ntawm ( los yog hu rau tus xov tooj pab pob nyiaj ntawm tus xov tooj Grants Line 651-201-6500.

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