Clean Water Land & Legacy Amendment logoThe MDA hosted a two-day symposium for all state agency employees involved in managing Minnesota's water resources.  Participants had the opportunity to learn and share information about surface water quality models and tools currently used, supported, or funded by state agencies.  Models and tools allow agencies to prioritize, target and measure impacts to our water bodies at several different levels.

Speakers provided an overview of these tools, discussed various approaches, provided case studies and possible limitations.  Connections were made to the Minnesota Water Management Framework 10 year cycle.  The event promoted dialogue, enhanced opportunities for collaboration and developed a broader understanding of current activities.  Approximately 150 employees were in attendance in St. Paul and over 100 participated via WebEx.


For additional information on the models and tools discussed and how they fit into the Water Management Framework:

Presentation Videos

View the presentation videos recorded at the event (February 25 and 26, 2016) below.  Each video will open in a new browser tab.