What is the Tree Care Registry?

With the 2002 spongy moth outbreak near Lake Harriet in Minneapolis, it was found there was no effective way to contact tree care providers about the outbreak with information such as where spongy moths were being found, what tree care providers should look for, how to report a possible spongy moth find, or communicating regulations governing the movement of tree trimmings.

Therefore, the Minnesota legislature created this registry as part of the Plant Protection and Export Certification Law, Minnesota Statutes Chapter 18G.07, and directed the MDA to maintain it.

Since then, the registry has been used to alert registry members of other invasive species like emerald ash borer and Asian longhorned beetle.

Attention Consumers: this Registry does not verify insurance, bonding or workman compensation for Tree Care Companies. Some counties and cities may regulate Tree Care Companies.

Who must register?

Briefly, all companies and persons that provide tree care or tree trimming services and/or who remove trees, limbs, branches, brush or shrubs for hire. This includes public, private, and governmental entities.

Only one registration is required for each company or franchise; branch locations should be listed on the registration.  

Why must tree care providers register?

Minnesota Statutes Chapter 18G.07 requires companies and persons conducting tree care activities to be registered with the commissioner. Not registering may subject you to penalty.

How is registration accomplished?

Registering is easy and is done one of two ways:

  1. Register online with Online Licensing and Payment Options. Select the Tree Care Registry license type and follow the instructions.
  2. Print, complete, and mail the Tree Care Registry Application (PDF) or request an application at 651-201-6611 or mda.tcr@state.mn.us.

Minnesota Statutes Chapter 18G.07 requires the following minimal information to be kept current:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Telephone number
  • All counties in which services are provided

When registering, you will be asked to provide an email address – providing one brings us closer to making communication paperless. 

Does registration cost anything?

Registration (and annual renewals) costs $25 and is effective for one calendar year or any portion thereof. 

How is my registration information used?

Minnesota Statutes Chapter 13, the Minnesota Government Data Practices Act, states in part that data supplied will be used to process the registration and become public record after the registration is granted. The MDA will use the information only for contact purposes in the event of existing or potential regulated forest pest infestations and to mail educational materials. Minimal information will be posted on the internet. 

What does the registrant get in return?

The registrant will receive an official certificate of registration. Certificates may be used as proof of registration for municipalities or individuals who require it.

The registrant will be identified on the MDA website and, therefore, to potential customers, as an officially registered tree care provider.

The registrant will receive direct and timely information about real and suspected exotic tree pest introductions in Minnesota and instruction as to what their role will be as well as regulations that may impact the way one does business.

The registrant will also receive occasional mailings of educational materials related to invasive species. 

How do I know if a tree care provider is registered?

Search for registered tree care companies.