The Rollover Protective Structures (ROPS) Rebate Program was established to make tractor safety equipment affordable and simple to order. Roll bars and seat belts are 99 percent effective in preventing death and serious injury in the event of a rollover.

Minnesota’s ROPS Rebate Program is a public-private partnership. Private ROPS funds have been contributed by ADM, AgCountry, AgriBank, Cargill, CHS Inc., Compeer Financial, and Land O’Lakes.

Eligible Applicants

Minnesota farmers and schools that retrofit tractors built before 1987 with ROPS that meet or exceed SAE International Standard J2194.

Grant Amount

At least 70 percent of the cost of purchasing, shipping, and installing a rollover protection kit – a roll bar and safety belt – limiting an applicant’s cost per tractor to no more than $500. Funding is provided by the Minnesota Legislature and private donations.

Information to Apply:

  1. Review the information from the National ROPS Rebate Program (NRRP) in New York. NRRP staff administer the program with funding provided by the Minnesota Legislature and private funders.
  2. Complete the online enrollment form or call toll-free to 877-ROPS-R4U (877-767-7748).
  3. Review the sourcing information and cost estimates for eligible ROPS kits for your tractor.
  4. When ready to purchase, contact NRRP staff for pre-approval (good for 10 days).
  5. Order your ROPS kit and inform NRRP of the final pricing to reserve funding.
  6. Once installed, send proof of purchase and installation to the NRRP.
  7. Your rebate check will arrive approximately 30 days after the NRRP receives your paperwork.