May 23, 2023

Minnesota farmers who have chlorpyrifos insecticide products made by two manufacturers can now arrange to return the products. Corteva Agriscience and ADAMA US have been given permission by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to take back the chemicals.

The Minnesota Department of Agriculture cancelled chlorpyrifos product registrations for use on food and feed on January 1, 2022, in conjunction with the EPA cancelling all food and feed tolerances for chlorpyrifos in the U.S. A “tolerance” represents the maximum level of pesticide residue legally allowed in or on raw agricultural commodities and processed food and feed. Without tolerance levels, food and feed are considered adulterated when the product is found on them. This has stopped the use of chlorpyrifos on all food and feed and made it illegal to use, sell, or distribute any of these products.

Individuals with existing products listed below should contact their distributor or retailer to arrange for returns to Corteva or ADAMA. Additional information can be found online or by contacting ADAMA an 866-406-6262 or, or Corteva at 800-258-3033.

Those with existing stocks of other chlorpyrifos products with no available uses should continue to store the product according to label directions. If you have chlorpyrifos products that need to be disposed of, check with your dealer, co-op, or ag retailer to see if they will take back products. If they will not, please use the MDA's Waste Pesticide Collection Program. For volumes of more than 300 pounds, call MDA’s Jane Boerboom at 612-214-6843. If other disposal or product return options become available, the MDA will provide more information through its website.

Corteva Products

Brand Name EPA Reg. No.
Lorsban 15G 62719–34
Lorsban-4E 62719–220
Lorsban 50W in Water Soluble Packets 62719–221
Lorsban 75WG 62719–301
Cobalt 62719–575
Lorsban Advanced 62719–591
Cobalt Advanced 62719–615
Hatchet 62719-220
Govern 4E Insecticide 62719-220-55467
Agrisolutions Yuma 4E 62719-220-1381
Whirlwind 62719-220-5905
Lorsban 75WG 62719-301-10163


Adama Products

Brand Name EPA Reg. No.
Chlorpyrifos 4E Ag 66222-19
Vulcan 66222-233
Quali-Pro Chlorpryfios 4E 66222-19



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