The Biodiesel Task Force advises the Minnesota Department of Agriculture (MDA) on methods to increase the production and use of biodiesel in Minnesota. Biodiesel Task Force members also advise the Commissioners of Agriculture, Commerce, and the Pollution Control Agency about implementing the levels of biodiesel blends required by the Biodiesel Content Mandate statute.


The Biodiesel Task Force meets on an ad hoc basis. For more information about meetings, copies of the minutes, or if you are interested in serving on the task force, call the MDA at 651-201-6012.


  • Bart Giangiacomo, Transport America (Fuel User Group Representative)
  • Tim Gross, Minnesota Petroleum Marketers Association (Petroleum Industry Representative)
  • Dustin Haaland, CHS Inc. (Petroleum Industry Representative)
  • Scott Hedderich, Renewable Energy Group, Chairperson (Processing Industry Representative)
  • Bruce Heine, Magellan Mainstream Partners LP (Petroleum Industry Representative)
  • Chris Hill, Minnesota Soybean Growers Association (Grower's Organization Representative)
  • Joe Hunter, American Lung Association in Minnesota (Environmental Organization Representative)
  • Ron Marr, Minnesota Soybean Processors (Processing Industry Representative)
  • Kevin Paap, Minnesota Farm Bureau (Farm Organization Representative)
  • Julie Quinn (At-Large Representative)
  • Steve Rupp, Ever Cat Fuels (Processing Industry Representative)
  • Michael W. Stutelberg, Agricultural Utilization Research Institute (Research Institution Representative)
  • Brett Webb, Flint Hills Resources LP (Petroleum Industry Representative)
  • Gary Wertish, Minnesota Farmers Union (Farm Organization Representative)
  • Darrick Zarling, University of Minnesota (Research Institution Representative)