The MDA is one of seven state agencies to receive Clean Water Fund dollars to protect, enhance and restore Minnesota's lakes, rivers, streams and groundwater. 

Since 2010, the MDA has received Clean Water Funds with each biennium (two-year period).
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Clean Water Fund Biennium Approximate Funds Allocated to the MDA
2010-2011 $  8.9 million
2012-2013 $15.4 million
2014-2015 $14.8 million
2016-2017 $13.7 million
2018-2019 $17.6 million
2020-2021 $21.7 million


                   Clean Water Fund Allocations to the MDA 2009-2021
Activity Dollars Allocated
Applied Research, Pilot Projects, 
On-Farm Demonstrations & Technical Assistance
$46.4 million
AgBMP Loan Program $ 14.4 million
Groundwater and Drinking Water Protection $ 23.1 million
Increased Pesticide Monitoring $   8.2 million








Overview:  A brief summary of programs funded over the years and proposed for the upcoming biennium:

Brief description of all MDA's past and current Clean Water funded programs, projects and activities