forevergreenlogosm.jpg The MDA received $1 million of Clean Water Funds to support the Forever Green Initiative at the University of Minnesota for fiscal year 2016. Eleven projects which focus on incorporating perennial and winter annual crops into existing agricultural practices were selected through a request for proposal process administered by the University. The MDA oversees the distribution of funds and coordinates reporting on progress results and outcomes.

The eleven projects selected for funding in 2016 are listed below.

Project Title Recipient
(University of Minnesota)
$$ Project Status
Advanced Management Practices for Enhancing Profitability of Intermediate Wheatgrass Craig Shaeffer $98,233 Completed
Advancing Hazelnut Micro-Propagation Jerry Cohen $125,000 Completed
Agronomics Development of Winter Annual Oilseeds in a Field Corn Production System Scott Wells $149,764 Completed
Developing Genomic Resources for Helianthus divaricatus to facilitate the Development of Perennial Sunflower for Food Protection and Wildlife Services Yaniv Brandvain $80,652 Completed
Effect of Cover Crops on Water Use and Nitrogen Leaching in Corn and Soybean Cropping Systems Axel Garcia y Garcia $50,000 Completed
Effect of Refinement and Dough Conditioners on the Quality of Intermediate Wheatgrass for Food Applications Baraem Ismail $125,000 Completed
Field Pennycress Breeding Project Support Jim Anderson $90,132 Completed
Integrating Winter Annual Cover Crops into Corn and Soybean Rotations in Minnesota Gregg Johnson $55,180 Completed
Intermediate Wheatgrass Breeding Support using Phenotypic and Genotypic-based Selection Methods Jim Anderson $51,615 Completed
Population Dynamics of Soybean Cyst Nematode in Winter Annual Oilseeds Senyu Chen $94,424 Completed
Sustaining Hazelnut Breeding and Agronomic Research at the University of Minnesota Lois Braun $80,000 Completed