Even though there may not appear to be anything living in your firewood, there certainly may be. Emerald ash borer (EAB) larvae can live under the bark for two years. Gypsy moth females can lay their egg masses on firewood, easily spreading a thousand new hungry caterpillars. When firewood is moved, so are insects, diseases, and pathogens. Protect our forests. Don’t give these pests a free ride.
The only firewood that can be moved out of quarantined counties is wood certified by the Minnesota Department of Agriculture (MDA). All hardwood firewood is prohibited from entering Minnesota from all other states. All certified firewood will have an MDA certificate on the label.


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MDA Firewood Certificate


DON’T: Transport firewood, you may introduce an invasive pest into a new area. Remember that infested firewood may not show visible symptoms.

DO: Buy MDA certified firewood. MDA certified firewood has been treated to state standards and the MDA has verified the firewood safe to move throughout the state. Look for the MDA certificate seal.

DO: Report firewood violations to MDA. If you have any questions regarding safe to move firewood or suspect a tree has a reportable pest contact the MDA’s Arrest the Pest at or 888-545-6684.

It’s the Law

It is illegal to transport hardwood firewood out of Minnesota quarantined counties unless it is MDA certified. It is also illegal to transport hardwood firewood into Minnesota from all other states. Moving uncertified hardwood firewood is illegal and is punishable up to a $7,500 fine per violation per day.


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Information for Firewood Industry

  • Be aware of the current regulations and quarantines surrounding firewood movement.
  • Know the difference between MDA certified (heat treated and state certified) and DNR Approved (local firewood for state lands only). Additionally, MDA certified firewood may move unrestricted, but DNR approved firewood may not move out of the quarantine.
  • If you buy sell packaged or in bulk firewood, make sure it is labeled with harvest location by county or counties and state on each label or wrapper and for bulk on each invoice or receipt. Learn more on selling and labeling firewood.
  • Know which counties are quarantined for emerald ash borer, and that hardwood firewood cannot move out of these counties without restrictions, including a signed compliance agreement.
  • Know there are restrictions on the movement of hardwood firewood into the state of Minnesota, because of emerald ash borer and thousand cankers disease (TCD) of walnut.
  • Documents called compliance agreements are available from the Minnesota Department of Agriculture that will allow the movement of hardwood firewood within and into Minnesota.
  • Be aware that if you violate the law you may be fined up to $7,500 per violation, per day.


Contact to report sightings
Contact to report sightings