The Weed of the Month is a series of articles about Minnesota noxious weeds. It reaches a broad audience to educate Minnesotans about injurious plants. The articles are picked up by publications throughout the state and are archived at this website. Material in this column is not copyrighted and reproduction of material is encouraged. However, credit the Minnesota Department of Agriculture if you do use material from these columns. Check back regularly for updates and new articles!

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2022 Weed of the Month Series

November - Plumeless Thistle

October - Non-native Bush Honeysuckles

September - Multiflora Rose

August - Porcelain Berry

July - MDA Report a Pest System and Palmer Amaranth

June - Teasel

May - European Alder

April - Urban Roots Youth Conservation Program is Restoring Degraded Habitat in St. Paul Parks

February - 2021 New County Finds of Prohibited Eradicate Noxious Weeds

January - Assessing the Risk of Invasive Plants in Minnesota

2021 Weed of the Month Series

December - Noxious Weed Grant Achievements

October - Red Hailstone

September - Palmer Amaranth Is In My Field, Now What?

July - Pale Swallow-wort

June - Vining Milkweeds and Rough Potato

May - Gardening with Non-invasive Plants

April - Habitat Restoration

March - Change to the 2021 Noxious Weed List

February - Tactical Plan for Invasive Plant Prioritization

January - What's In My Soil?

2020 Weed of the Month Series

December - Japanese Honeysuckle

November - Norway Maple

October - Winged Burning Bush

September - Invasive Knotweeds

August - An Update on Palmer Amaranth After Years of Treatment in Minnesota

July - Recreation and Invasive Plants - What You Can Do

June - Tree of Heaven

May - Pesky Plant Trackers

April - Siberian Peashrub

March - How Did That Weed Get Here?

January - Using Drones to Combat Noxious Weeds