The Weed of the Month is a series of articles about Minnesota noxious weeds. It reaches a broad audience to educate Minnesotans about injurious plants. The articles are picked up by publications throughout the state and are archived at this website. Material in this column is not copyrighted and reproduction of material is encouraged. However, credit the Minnesota Department of Agriculture if you do use material from these columns. Check back regularly for updates and new articles!

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2019 Weed of the Month Series

November - Weeds that Impact Hunters

October - Invasive Plants Escape from Cemeteries

September - Dalmatian Toadflax

August - Black Swallow-wort

July - Cutleaf Teasel

June - Cooperative Invasive Species Groups

April - Japanese Hops

March - Knotweed Survey

February - Grecian Foxglove - Not for the Faint of Heart

January - Are There Any Weeds In My Seed?

2018 Weed of the Month Series

December Weed of the Month - Managing Invasive Plants in a Forest

November - Local Solutions for Controlling Oriental Bittersweet

October - Invasive Plants in Grasslands

September - Knotweeds

August - Treatments and Timing of Wild Parsnip

July - Giant Hogweed

June - Poison Hemlock

May - Master Gardeners and Naturalists take action on Invasive Species

April - Why Scout for Herbicide Resistant Weeds?

March - Resources for Weed Identification Management

February - Updates to the Noxious Weed List

January - Torching Noxious Weeds