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Nursery certification and plant regulation

The Minnesota Department of Agriculture is responsible for the administration of the Nursery Law (Minnesota Statutes, Chapter 18H) the purpose of which is to prevent the introduction into and the dissemination within the state of harmful plant pests. To accomplish this, nursery stock produced for sale must be inspected annually and certified free of harmful plant pests. Stock originating outside Minnesota must be officially certified under all applicable quarantines at origin.

  • Persons selling nursery stock in Minnesota must have a valid Minnesota nursery stock dealer or nursery stock grower certificate. They must also sell only certified nursery stock and provide documents to verify certification of stock offered for sale.

The inspection and certification program provides a vital service to the nursery industry and protects consumers from purchasing problems. Annual inspections serve to reduce losses to harmful pests as problems are detected and treated before they can cause more serious damage. The certified stock can move freely within the United States and special certificates are issued for export. A standard of quality is maintained to assure the industry as well as consumers that the product they are purchasing is viable and in a healthy condition.
Nursery Law - Minnesota 2003 Laws, Chapter 128, Article 5