What information is required on the label?


A seed label must contain very specific information to convey the type and quality of the seed. The required label information is based on the kind of seed. Detailed information for each kind of seed is provided in sections below. In general, seed is labeled with the following information.

  • Kind and Variety
  • Lot number
  • Purity, Other crop, Weed seed, and Inert matter percentages
  • Noxious weed seeds by name and number per pound
  • Germination, Dormant, Hard seed, and Total viable percentages
  • Test or packed for/sell by dates
  • Origin
  • Name and address of labeler

The required information depends on the kind of seed and its intended use. All information must be based on seed tests including purity exam, noxious seed exam, and germination testing conducted according to AOSA Rules for Testing Seeds. All labels must indicate the presence of and number per pound for Prohibited and Restricted Weed Seeds (PDF). Any seed lot contaminated by Amaranthus spp. must be tested appropriately to confirm whether these seeds are Palmer Amaranth (Amaranthus palmeri). Genetic testing methods must be used to make this determination.

Retail outlets that sell this seed must maintain the label provided by the initial labeler. Both parties are responsible for ensuring that germination test dates are up to date on seed that is offered for sale.

Sales Records and File Samples

Seed labelers are required to maintain Records for Seed Sales (PDF)  including seed test results, invoices for seeds purchased, invoices for seed sold, a copy of the label, and a representative file sample of each seed lot.

Agricultural Seed

Labeling Agricultural Seed (PDF) includes seed for grain and forage production, but also includes lawn & turf grass seed, native grass seed, or mixtures that include these kinds intended for agricultural use.

Native grasses, forbs, and mixtures

Labeling Native Seeds (PDF) used for conservation and restoration projects are considered agricultural seed but have some unique characteristics that require attention in labeling.

Vegetable & Flower Seed

Labeling Vegetable & Flower Seed (PDF) intended for home gardeners are usually sold in small packets. Labeling requirements for these seeds are different than for agricultural seeds.

Seeds of Trees & Shrubs

Labeling Tree & Shrub Seed (PDF) represent a small segment of the Minnesota seed business but they have some specific label requirements.