For Consumers

If you purchase firewood:

  • Make sure it is labeled with required information.
  • Make sure it has the MDA certificate if it came from an area quarantined for a plant pest.
  • Be mindful of plant pest quarantines in place.

If you have your own firewood:

  • Burn it close to where it was harvested.

For Producers and Distributors

The safest wood to buy and sell is from Minnesota.

Why are invasive pests a problem?

Gypsy moth and emerald ash borer are examples of invasive species that have killed millions of trees in nearby states. Others, such as Asian longhorned beetle and sirex woodwasp, also pose threats to health of Minnesota’s trees and forests.


Many invasive pest species live on or in trees, lumber, and firewood. Moving untreated firewood can spread pests

Firewood can be transported out of the EAB quarantine if all of the following conditions are met:

  • Firewood is MDA certified
  • Displays the appropriate MDA certification shield
  • Is unopened

Firewood cannot be transported out of the quarantined area if: 

  • Firewood bundles have been opened
  • Firewood is not certified as treated
  • Firewood bundles fail to display the appropriate certification shield
  • Firewood used on DNR-administered lands must be purchased either at the state park or from a DNR vendor located in the same county as the state park.
    MDA certified firewood logo
    MDA firewood certificate

If you transport wood out of a QUARANTINE AREA, it needs to have a certificate.

All state certified wood materials will have the state certificate on the label. Certified materials have been processed or treated according to the state regulations to mitigate plant pest risk before crossing quarantine boundaries.