The Comprehensive Groundwater Protection Act of 1989, directs the Commissioner of Agriculture to develop and promote best management practices for agricultural chemicals. This work is done in consultation with local water planning authorities and involves a public review and notice process.

The best management practices (BMPs) for nitrogen fertilizer use are designed to prevent contamination to our water resources while maintaining farm profitability. 

The nitrogen fertilizer BMPs are written by the University of Minnesota after extensive research. The Commissioner of Agriculture reviews the BMPs and provides approval. Our agency works with the University of Minnesota-Extension and the local soil and water conservation districts to both promote and demonstrate the BMPs.

The BMPs are specific to different regions of the state and are available in more detail. Depending on the region, the practices address fertilizing corn, wheat, sugarbeets, potatoes and other crops in Minnesota.

Listed below are links to the specific BMP documents held on the Minnesota Water Research Digital Library.

Statewide BMPs & Fertilizer Recommendations

Regional BMPs

Potato BMPs