The MDA licenses agricultural pesticide dealers who offer for sale or sell agricultural pesticides in or into the state of Minnesota to a Minnesota end-user. A sale of an agricultural pesticide by a dealer without a valid Dealer License is a violation of the Minnesota Pesticide Control Law Chapter 18B.316 and may be subject to enforcement action. Agricultural pesticides are products with Worker Protection Standard labeling as required by 40 CFR Parts 156 and 170. Licensed pesticide dealers licensed to sell restricted use pesticides (RUP) or bulk pesticides do not need to obtain an additional license. Agricultural pesticide dealers must assess and collect fees from end-user at sale on customer invoice, report sales, and pay fees associated with agricultural pesticides sales to the MDA.

Agricultural Pesticides are products that bear labeling which meets federal Worker Protection Use Requirements established by 40 CFR Parts 156 and 170. These products can be readily identified by the “Agricultural Use Requirements” box on their label. This section describes Worker Protection Standard Use Requirements. These products are typically used in agriculture and non-ag industries such as greenhouse/nursery, rights-of-way, landscape and forestry. Agricultural pesticides may be classified as restricted use or non-restricted use pesticide.

To identify an agricultural pesticide, look on the product label for a boxed section labeled "Agricultural Use Requirements".

The MDA Registered Product Search web page is a source where you can find product information. Various searches are available based on EPA registration number, company name, or product name. The list of pesticides includes an agricultural pesticide column; when a Yes appears in the column the product meets the agricultural pesticide definition. Persons may also contact the MDA’s registration program at 651-201-6583.

Check the Registered Product Search database at the MDA Web Site.

Yes. Pesticides with labeling that contains an Agricultural Use Requirements section are agricultural pesticides.

Yes. Agricultural pesticides are defined in the Pesticide Control Law. Restricted Use Pesticide (RUP) is a federally assigned pesticide classification. Some agricultural pesticides are also classified and labeled as RUP; many other pesticides are classified as general use.

A pesticide federally classified as "Restricted Use" may only be applied by licensed or certified persons. Product labeling must state “This is a Restricted Use Pesticide" near the top. A bulk pesticide is held in an individual container with a pesticide content of 56 U.S. gallons or more, or 100 pounds or more net dry weight.