Currently registered isoxaflutole products, Balance Flexx (EPA Reg. No: 264-1067) and Corvus Herbicide (EPA Reg. No: 264-1066) produced by Bayer CropScience may now be used once again in Minnesota. Previously, use of these products was not allowed in Minnesota due to the old Minnesota Product Bulletins expiring on February 6, 2020. However, the registrants have renewed the product bulletins for these two products from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The new bulletins for both products can be found on the MDA’s Minnesota-Specific Pesticide Restrictions page. Pesticide dealers and applicators are still encouraged to check the label prior to selling or using these products. Use of these products without the Minnesota Product Bulletin or with an expired product bulletin is in violation of the product label and is not permitted under federal regulations.

In Minnesota, in order to use these products a current Minnesota product bulletin must be in the possession of the user at the time of the pesticide application. Pesticide applicators must follow all product use directions and precautions listed on: 1) the container label and 2) the Minnesota Product Bulletin, which must accompany the sale and packaging of the product.