Anyone who buys and sells livestock for their own business or on the behalf of others must be registered and bonded by the USDA and licensed by the MDA.

NOTE: If you are a farmer/rancher and you only buy replacement animals and sell animals you have bred or raised, you do NOT need a license.

Apply for a license

  1. First, contact the USDA Packers and Stockyards Administration office in Des Moines, Iowa at 515-323-2579. They will send you the  paperwork you need to become registered and bonded.
  2. Once you have obtained a bond, the USDA will notify us.
  3. Once we’ve heard from the USDA, we’ll send you the forms to apply for the appropriate license. You can also download the application form from this page or complete it online. However, the MDA cannot issue your license until the Packers and Stockyards registration/bonding is complete.

License fees

  • $300 for each livestock market agency and public stockyard
  • $100 for each livestock dealer
  • $100 for each meat packing company
  • $50 for each agent of a livestock dealer or meat packing company

It usually takes about two weeks for us to issue a license once we receive all the paperwork, so please plan ahead. If you have questions about the requirements or licensing process, please contact us.

Renewing a license

Each year we mail out a renewal notice with a new PIN. Contact us if you don't know your current PIN.