Each year the Minnesota Department of Agriculture recognizes the top Minnesota dairy herds with low somatic cell counts (SCC).  Since 2003, the MDA and the University of Minnesota dairy experts have worked with the state’s dairy farmer to lower somatic cell counts.

Somatic cell count is a key indicator of milk quality – a lower SCC is better for cheese production and a longer shelf life of bottled milk.  Somatic cells occur naturally and are not a food safety concern.  Dairy farmers monitor SCC because it can be used a way of measuring the health of their cows.

The dairy producers on this list have achieved the goal of having a SCC of 100,000 or lower and the names on the list appear in the order of lowest to highest.

2020 Minnesota Dairy Herds with Low Somatic Cell Counts (SCC)

Producer Name County
Roger and Laura Primus Todd
Dennis and Wayne Wolters Morrison
Edward Kauffman Todd
John Willenbring Stearns
Hoefs' Dairy LLC LeSueur
Tony and Matt Berktold Wabasha
Brandon and Jill Marshik Benton
Robert and Terri Ketchum Winona
Kevin Braulick Brown
Herdering Farms Inc. Stearns
Nosbush Dairy Renville
Bruce and Jill Boettcher Carver
Cory and Jenna Middendorf Stearns
Jane Babatz Wright
Edward Warmka Gathje Winona
Joe and Kim Engelmeyer Stearns
Zweber Farms LLC Scott
Harmony Hills Dairy Carver
Riverview LLP - West Dublin Swift
Jeff and Austin Middendorf Stearns
James Hanson Otter Tail
Suzanne Jacobs Otter Tail
Kimm's Dairy Hubbard
Maynard and Jeremiah Schumacher Wabasha
Michael Hoernemann McLeod
Schreiber Brothers Dairy Winona
Barkeim Farms LLC Winona
Craig Duden Goodhue
Colleen Berscheit Brown
Del and Cindy Euerle Meeker
Wolf Creek Dairy Rice
Kent Happke Benton
Tim Bruder Todd
Dean and Elizabeth Johnson Cottonwood
Kevin Hanson Polk
Bill Miller Wabasha
Gregory Dairy LLC Stearns
Paul Mehr Stearns
Keith and Jennifer Middendorf Todd
Maren Holst Wabasha
Marshall and Melanie Korn Kandiyohi
Glen and Rebecca Christen Stearns
Jon and Wendy Meyer Wabasha
Roger Mathews Olmsted
Randy H and Kathleen J Bauer Rice
Schroeder Brothers LLC Houston
Enchanted Dairy LLP Morrison
Mark Ruegemer Pope
D and L Johnson Dairy Farm LLC Winona
Paul and Bonnie Middendorf Todd
Burfeind Dairy Farm LLC Goodhue
Christopher and Jessie Lee Meeker
Dollymount Traverse
Harlan and Jenny Poppler Wright
Kraig Krienke McLeod
Brandon Stommes Stearns
Lloyd Blommel Todd
Rob and Amie Ruther Otter Tail
Selke Farms Partnership Winona
Ted and Cindy Kennebeck Wabasha
Birch Point Farm - Peshon Winona
Dev-Lin Holsteins LLC Houston
John Sauber Dakota
Shawn and Sarah Winscher Morrison
Duckwitz Farm Partnership Swift
Michael Herzing Mill Lacs
Richard Stocker Scott
Trevor and Lisa Dicke Goodhue
Youngren Dairy Farms Inc. Kandiyohi
Beckmann Farms Inc. Nobles
Braun Farms Carver
Jerry Dick Wabasha
Robert and Ann Cremers Stearns
James A Olson Winona
Peter Mark Hendrickson Todd
Ronald Wallerich Wabasha
Russel Wirt Winona
Travis and Angela Scherping Stearns
Autumn Breeze Dairy Brown
Michael Tellers Carver
Kuechle Dairy LLC Stearns
Ryan Griffin Marshall
Alan and Jessica Klimek Douglas
JC Dairy Inc. Stearns
Leisen Farms LLC Wabasha
Shane and Casey Holst Goodhue
Greden Farms LLC Winona
Scott and Michelle Herber Winona
Tim and Sarah Aho Becker
Duane Burke Otter Tail
Michael and Judy Sellner Brown
Robert Hinsch Goodhue
Dominic Primus Todd
Mike, Keri, and Anna Salber Todd
Overdale Dairy Inc. Stearns
Mundt Dairy Winona
Avon Heights LLC Dodge
Halquist Farms Carver
Hidden Hill Dairy Olmsted
Reiland Dairy Mower
Schmit Family Dairy LLC Winona
Stan and Bev Meyer Houston
Brian Justin Morrison
Jacob Mehr Stearns
Knisley Dairy Inc. Kandiyohi
Middle Ranch Dairy Meeker
Mike and Brittaney Seppelt Morrison
Trailside Holsteins Fillmore
Woodland Dairy McLeod
Ackerman Farms Benton
Adam and Sarah Mellgren Wabasha
Riverview Enterprises Benton
Corey and Melissa Kremer Stearns
Merryville Farm Wright
Mitchell Mehrwerth Benton
Roger and Mary Swart Kandiyohi
Staci Sexton Wabasha
Bechtold Bros. LLC Stearns
Brookside Farm Otter Tail
John D and Kayleen Zimmerman Stearns
Matt Andring Winona