A chemigation permit application (PDF) must be completed and submitted in order for the MDA to determine compliance with Minnesota’s chemigation rule.

Failure to submit a complete application or the required fee will result in the MDA sending your permit application back as REJECTED. If you receive an application as REJECTED, chemigation is prohibited until you return a completed permit application to the MDA and receive a permit.

Chemigation systems are inspected by the MDA on an as needed basis to determine compliance. REJECTED sites are a top priority for MDA inspectors.

If a chemigation system is found to be in violation of Minnesota law, an ORDER prohibiting chemigation and other directives as necessary to insure compliance will be issued. In addition, enforcement action including financial penalties, may be taken by the MDA.

Please read the chemigation permit application carefully and fill in all required information.chemigation equipment

Chemigation Site Operation

The term “operator” means the individual who operates the chemigation system.  Because operators change from year to year, and because operation of chemigation system entails maintenance/installation/operation of a system including but not limited to insuring that all antipollution equipment is present and operable, all operators of a chemigation system must have a permit and not just the original permittee.

Minnesota Statutes and Rules

Please reference the Minnesota Statutes and Rules pertaining to Chemigation:

Additional Chemigation Resources:

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