The applications are fillable online but you cannot submit them electronically. You will need to print them and sign them prior to mailing them in. The Explanation of Exemptions will help guide you to understanding your ‘Basis of Exemption’, question 1, page 2.


  • Fill out the entire application!
  • Total your acreage per county on page one of the application.
  • Be sure to include a deed copy for land owned by the entity being registered.
  • You must check a ‘Basis of Exemption’ on question 1, page 2. (See Explanation of exemptions.)
  • List the actual name of farmer or business farming the land where requested.
  • List requested ‘Farming Activity in detail’ with farming activities such as planting, tilling, harvesting, etc. Lease management is not considered farming.
  • List membership shares by percentage.
  • Write just one check for multiple applications or renewals when possible.

DO NOT ...

  • Do not send a new application to renew your certificate. Renewals are sent by mail.
  • Do not write “See Attached” on anything but land description (not # of acres & county), if the land description is attached.
  • Do not write “involved in farming”, etc. to describe farming activity.
  • Do not send payment or supporting documents separately from the application.

General Information

If a law firm files your application(s), certificates and renewals are sent directly to the law firm unless otherwise requested in a cover letter. Mailing information can be changed at any time by request of the certificate holder or affiliate.

Annual renewal forms are sent out every year via U.S. mail in February. They must be processed by mail or online every year to remain in compliance. An instruction form accompanies the renewal.

If submitting your application on or after October 1st of the year, your renewal date will be pushed forward an extra year. So, if you apply October 10, 2018, your first renewal will come in 2020.

Beginning August 1, 2017, Revocable Trusts were removed from obligation to register with the Corporate Farm Program.