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Any person who collects official samples from a farm and/or direct load tanker and who also may transport raw milk from a farm to a milk plant, receiving station, or transfer station must apply for and obtain a bulk milk hauler and sampler license. Applicants must complete an exam and an evaluation before their license will be issued.

An initial bulk milk hauler and sampler license expires on December 31 of the year it is issued and is not transferable. A renewed bulk milk hauler and sampler license is not transferable, valid for two years, and expires on December 31 of the second year.

The fee for an initial or renewal bulk milk hauler and sampler license is $60. If a bulk milk hauler and sampler license renewal is not completed on or before January 1, a late fee of $30 will be due along with the $60 license fee. A person who does not renew a bulk milk hauler and sampler license within one year following its December 31 expiration date will need to retake the exam and complete another evaluation to prove competency and qualification. An exception is made for those engaged in active military service.

In addition to the license, bulk milk haulers are required to complete an evaluation at least every 2 years during which a dairy inspector will meet with the bulk milk hauler/sampler to evaluate their procedures.

License Lookup

Wondering if your license is up to date? Use the MDA Licensing Information Search tool to look up the status of your or another bulk hauler's license.

Online Exam for Bulk Haulers

The following describes the steps involved for applying for a bulk hauler license. All new bulk haulers seeking to secure a license will need to complete the exam before having an in-person evaluation with a dairy inspector.

  1. Send your full name, email address (must be unique to you - not shared with any other applicants), employer, and area of the state you will be hauling to the Bulk Hauler Coordinators, Meghan Melheim at and Grace Martin at
  2. Once the Bulk Hauler Coordinator has received your request, you will be enrolled in the course. The Bulk Hauler Coordinator will email you a username and temporary password, as well as additional instructions for accessing the course online. Log in with the provided username and password.
  3. Complete the exam independently; you may use the Bulk Hauler Study Guide as a resource while taking this exam.
  4. After completing the exam, your score will be calculated, and your answers will be forwarded to you and your local dairy inspector.
    • If you received a passing score on the exam (70% or higher), you will need to contact the local dairy inspector to arrange a time to complete your evaluation. At this evaluation you will need to come prepared to demonstrate sample collection and bring a check or money order for $60.
    • If you did not receive a passing score, you will have an opportunity to re-take the exam. Your dairy inspector will contact you to review the questions you answered incorrectly. After speaking with the dairy inspector, you must notify the Bulk Hauler Coordinator that you are ready to attempt the exam again, and you will be re-enrolled. You can retake the exam as soon as 24 hours after the failing score.
  5. If you are unable to complete the exam online, other accommodations may be made on a case-by-case basis.
  6. If you have any questions or trouble accessing the exam, contact the Bulk Hauler Coordinators.

Licensed Out-of-State Bulk Milk Haulers

If a hauler is licensed in another state they do not need to take the exam; however, they must provide proof of a current license and evaluation from that state. Out-of-state haulers are required to have a Minnesota license to haul and collect samples in Minnesota. To receive a license application, the hauler should send a copy of their current license and evaluation from their state to the Bulk Hauler Coordinators and request an application. The completed application and a check for $60 must be returned to the address on the application.