This program helps beginning farmers in Minnesota learn business management strategies that will lead to profitable and satisfying farming operations.


Farm Business Management (FBM) education will help you learn new skills, meet your business and personal goals, and teach you how to use your own farm records to make sound business decisions. You will meet one-on-one with an FBM instructor to design a program that fits your needs. You will receive an end of year financial and business analysis and can use a benchmarking database called FINBIN to compare your operation with similar farms.

Who is eligible?

Beginning farmers who:

  • Are Minnesota residents
  • Have fewer than 40 credits of FBM
  • Enroll for eight to 10 credits of FBM per academic year

A beginning farmer has owned and operated a farm or ranch, either alone or in partnership with others, for 10 years or fewer. The person must have a financial interest in the farm, must participate in making some or all management decisions, and must participate in the operation of the farm on a regular basis. (For example: maybe you just started your own brand new farm, maybe you grew up on the farm and have come back to join as a partner, or maybe you married into a farm and need to learn management skills. In all these cases, you would be considered a beginning farmer.)

How much is available?

Scholarships pay 50 percent of tuition for up to 40 credits (after financial aid and any other grants) in a Minnesota State Farm Business Management program.

How to apply:

If you already enrolled in FBM, ask your instructor to help you complete the application.

The new application process:

  • Combines the new and renewing scholarship request into the same application.
  • Accepts only online submissions (eliminating paper applications.)
  • Allows the instructor to complete and submit the online application for each student.

If you are new to FBM, contact:


Applications are funded on a first-come, first-served basis.