2017 Forever Green Projects

The MDA received $4 million of Clean Water Funds to support the Forever Green Initiative at the University of Minnesota for fiscal years 2022-2023. Fourteen research projects which focus on incorporating perennial and winter annual crops into existing agricultural practices were selected through a request for proposal process administered by the University. The MDA oversees the distribution of funds and coordinates reporting on progress results and outcomes.

The fourteen projects selected for funding in 2022-2023 are listed below.

Project Title Recipient
(University of Minnesota)
$$ Project Status
Developing winter pea as a profitable and environmentally friendly crop for Minnesota Robert Stupar $350,000 Active
Developing management guidelines and determining environmental outcomes for maize in kura clover living mulch Jeff Strock $194,343 Active
Protein blending: Impact on functionality, nutrition and flavor attributes Baraem Pam Ismail $349,958 Active
Solid state microbial fermentation of camelina oilseed meal for better animal feed Bo Hu $121,000 Active
Ensuring clean water, mitigating climate change, and optimizing yields through advanced fertility management of Kernza Jessica Gutknecht $349,988 Active
The role of annual and perennial winter crops rooting system on modulating crops water use and quality Axel Garcia y Garcia $194,356 Active
Understanding field-scale variability in Kernza and winter camelina to improve yield and carbon accounting Joshua Gamble $349,450 Active
Develop soybean cyst nematode management strategies for pennycress as an oilseed cover crop in corn-soybean production systems Senyu Chen $150,000 Active
The continued development of a perennial sunflower Yaniv Brandvain $75,593 Active
Leveraging phenomics and root informatics to improve intermediate wheatgrass breeding germplasm Prabin Bajgain $175,138 Active
Investigating functionality, end-use characteristics, and processing specifications of IWG grain across stand life and crop varieties George Amponsah Annor $349,399 Active
Request for matching funds for the purchase of a TwinLab F 20/40 extruder with a barrel liner made of M390 Alloy and its accessories for research on ready-to-eat products from Forever Green Initiative (FGI) George Amponsah Annor $50,000 Active
Field pennycress breeding program support James A. Anderson $329,913 Active
Breeding winter camelina for early maturity and improved seed yield and protein James A. Anderson $200,000 Active