2017 Forever Green Projects

The MDA received $4.3 million of Clean Water Funds to support the Forever Green Initiative at the University of Minnesota for fiscal years 2020-2021. Thirteen research projects which focus on incorporating perennial and winter annual crops into existing agricultural practices were selected through a request for proposal process administered by the University. The MDA oversees the distribution of funds and coordinates reporting on progress results and outcomes.

The thirteen projects selected for funding in 2020-2021 are listed below.

Project Title Recipient
(University of Minnesota)
$$ Project Status
Applied genomics assisted breeding to improve long-term yield potential of intermediate wheatgrass James A. Anderson $349,775 Active
Low-risk, high reward agronomic trials to enhance Kernza development and deployment Jacob Jungers $309,283 Active
Expanding the field pennycress breeding program for variety development and rapid response to new challenges James A. Anderson &
Katherine Frels
$309,034 Active
Unlocking the physiological and environmental mechanisms of Kernza interannual yield decline Walid Sadok  $309,319 Active
Improving the commercial viability of intermediate wheatgrass (IWG) through the development of value added ingredients and new products George Annor $307,419 Active
Impacts of Kernza on water uptake and nitrogen leaching in southwest Minnesota wellhead protection areas David Mulla $305,085 Active
Utilizing genetic tools to identify winter camelina lines with early maturity, high protein and reduced glucosinolates M. David Marks $201,150 Active
Advancing breeding of Silphium integrifolium as a perennial oilseed crop for Minnesota Kevin P. Smith $309,377 Active
Production scale development of Forever Green cropping systems: agronomic, economic, and environmental aspects Joshua Gamble $305,465 Active
Evaluating camelina and pennycress as novel sources of plant protein Baraem Pam Ismail $309,377 Active
Pennycress and soybean cyst nematode: a solution oriented approach Kathryn Bushley &
Senyu Chen
$184,717 Active
Genetic structure of perennial flax to enable identification of genes influencing agronomic and horticultural traits Neil O. Anderson $150,000 Active
Developing spring and winter pea as profitable and environmentally friendly crops for Minnesota Robert Stupar $150,000 Active