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The Minnesota Water Research Digital Library (MnWRL) is a user-friendly, searchable inventory of water research relevant to Minnesota, with emphasis on publications from 2000 forward. MnWRL provides one-stop access to all types of water research, enabling water managers, researchers, engaged citizens and others to easily find, share, and coordinate research to support their efforts to protect, conserve, manage and restore water in Minnesota.

The library includes over 3,200 diverse research articles and scientific reports (as of Dec 2020). It is expected to grow steadily in quantity and quality as partner organizations begin curating collections of scientific-technical articles in their areas of expertise.

History and Future of MnWRL

Minnesota has a long history of water research by different agencies and organizations, whose publications are scattered across multiples websites and other media and not easy for water professionals, researchers and citizens to find. MnWRL was developed to unearth and organize these publications so that decades of relevant research can be fully utilized.

Between 2008 and 2010, Minnesota stakeholders ranging from stormwater managers to agricultural groups, a Clean Water Council work group, and the Clean Water Fund Interagency Research Team, identified the need for a centralized, easy-to-access inventory of current water research to support water protection, restoration, and management activities across the state. MnWRL was developed to meet this need.

The MDA began scoping and developing the library in 2011 in consultation with diverse stakeholders. The MDA finished developing and began populating MnWRL with input and assistance from representatives of local, state and federal government, higher education, business and professional associations. We especially thank Advisory Committee members who met with us nine times and provided valuable feedback and assistance between meetings as the library was being developed and tested. Resources to develop and establish MnWRL came from Clean Water Fund appropriations to the MDA and other MDA funding.

The MDA currently manages MnWRL, and a diverse Steering Team oversees its long-term management and growth. The MDA is developing partnerships with other agencies and organizations to collect, enter and curate articles on water research topics in which they specialize.