Who is required to maintain a seed permit?

Any person or firm that labels seed for sale in Minnesota must have a seed permit. Permit holders pay fees to the state to support the seed regulatory program. The permit fee is paid by the labeler making the first sale of seed in the state. Subsequent sales of that lot do not require additional fees. In addition to their responsibility to accurately label seed for sale, seed labelers must also maintain records to allow full traceability of their products, to support their label claims, and a file sample that is representative of the seed sold. For more detail on these requirements see Samples and Certain Records (PDF).

Permit categories and fees are determined by the type, intended use, and amount sold annually. Generally, those that only sell seed labeled by another person or firm do not need a permit.

Category Who needs this category? Fee Fees Paid
A Agricultural, native grass and wildflower seed < 50,000 lbs. per year $75 Annually
B Vegetable, flower, and wildflower intended for home gardener use. $75 - 4500 based on annual Minnesota sales Annually
C Agricultural, native grass and wildflower seed > 50,000 lbs. per year Based on tonnage or units sold for kind of seed Semi-Annually

How to apply for a permit?

 Fill out a Seed Permit Application (PDF).

Permit Renewal

Annual permits (A & B) are mailed out December 1st for renewal for the following year. Permanent permits (C) do not require renewal. Permanent permit holders make semi-annual payments in April and September for seed sold during the preceding six-month period.

Brand Registration for Variety Not Stated

Sometimes seed companies sell varieties of seed as a brand name instead of the original variety name (PDF). Generally, Minnesota law requires that the variety name also be stated on the label. If the company wishes use a brand name, but not state the variety, then the Minnesota Seed Law requires the brand name to be registered using the Brand Registration Form (PDF) when the variety name is known but is not listed on the seed label.