The "Restricted Use" classification for pesticides restricts a product, or its uses, to use by a certified or licensed applicator.


The following information was prepared by the MDA to provide guidance to Licensed Pesticide Dealers who are required to maintain records of restricted use pesticide sales. The MDA has adopted rules clarifying the purchase, pick up, and delivery of Restricted Use Pesticides (RUP) by pesticide end users, their family members and/or representatives. Please see Restricted Use Pesticide Distribution Guidelines for additional clarification of sale/delivery requirements This guidance is intended to supplement - not replace - the Minnesota Pesticide Control Law and related rules.

Restricted Use Pesticide sales records

Minnesota law requires Pesticide Dealers to record all sales of the RUPs with required information on forms provided by the MDA, or on forms approved by the Commissioner of Agriculture. Computer generated forms and dealer invoices are permissible if all required information is listed at the time of sale.

Dealers must record required information on sales reports by the end of the business day the RUP is made available. Dealers must keep reports of restricted use sales at the location of sale for 5 years and may not consolidate sales from several locations into a single report.

Dealers maintaining computer generated dealer sales report must be able to produce a complete printed version upon request by the MDA at the time of an inspection. No additional information may be hand-written on computer report at a latter date.

Information required on the RUP sales reports

List the following on each page of the sales report form.

  1. Dealer name (name of the licensed firm);
  2. Dealer license number (example: 20012345);
  3. Dealer address (where the RUP is made available); and
  4. Dealer telephone number.

List the following for each Restricted Use Pesticide sale made and listed on the sales report form.

  1. Pesticide brand name (product name listed on the pesticide label);
  2. The EPA Registration Number (listed on the label);
  3. Amount and units sold (amount of the RUP initially distributed with units, do not list returns);
  4. Full name of applicator (the RUP end user);
  5. Applicator license/certification number, expiration date, and state of origin (if other than Minnesota);
    1. Dealer verifies validity of license/certification before an RUP is either picked up or delivered.
    2. Applicator shows dealer valid license/certification identification card.
    3. Dealer contacts the MDA for verification.
  6. Date the RUP was picked-up or delivered; and
  7. Name and address of the person (other than the applicator) to whom product is made available.

Information not required on the RUP sales reports

Do not list the following on the sales report form.

  1. Dealer to dealer sales for resale;
  2. Returns of the RUP product for credit; and
  3. Commercial applications made by dealer employees (custom applications). 

Display license and post sales areas

Each dealer must display their license in a prominent location and post the MDA approved Restricted Use Pesticide placard stating “Restricted Use Pesticide - User Must Be Certified”. MDA provides placards at no charge to pesticide dealers. Contact Pesticide Licensing for a placard.