To be effective, the Minnesota Phosphorus Lawn Fertilizer Law requires citizens and lawn care professionals to be aware of the law and understand the law’s purpose and requirements. The following educational materials are available for use in stores for consumer education, as handouts at informational meetings, or as direct mail items.

Phosphorus Lawn Fertilizer Law Publications

  • Phosphorus in Lawns, Landscapes and Lakes (PDF) : A 21-page publication providing information on the law and descriptions on soil phosphorus, phosphorus fertilization, phosphorus runoff, impact of phosphorus on surface water, and lawn care practices that protect water quality. Designed for natural resource professionals, lake and watershed association members, government decision makers, and concerned citizens.

Phosphorus Lawn Fertilizer Law Posters

Designed for in-store use, these posters are offered in three sizes and two formats. Recommendation is to print on cardstock paper and protect with clear plastic laminate. Photocopy shops often provide lamination service. Clear adhesive shelving paper can also be used to laminate. Extend plastic laminate ¼” past the poster to provide a moisture-proof seal.

Law and tips on water friendly care practices                             Cover of report entitled Phosphorous in Lawns, Landscapes and Lakes          Horizontal Lawn Phosphrous Fertilizer Poster                 Vertical Minnesota Phosphorous Law Poster