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Home > Protecting Our Lands & Waters > Clean Water Fund > Groundwater & Drinking Water Protection > Byron Township Timber to Row Crop > Byron Township Farming Practices

Byron Township Water Quality Study Farming Practices

Crops grown at the 160 acre site are in a four-year rotation. RD Offutt Companies will be growing seed potatoes and peas as part of a 4-year rotation, and Central Lakes College will grow barley, soybeans, and possibly edible beans during the other two rotational years. The land was cleared in 2013 and soybeans were planted in 2014 as the first crop for production. In 2015 corn was planted and in 2016 soybeans were grown with an addition of a rye cover crop after the soybeans were harvested.

Nitrate contamination is of high concern on this site. In an effort to reduce their impact the landowner has adopted the following practices:

  • Nitrogen Fertilizer Best Managment Practices, including split application of nitrogen fertilizer
  • Growing low nitrogen-demanding seed potatoes
  • Use of slow release nitrogen fertilizers
  • Use of cover crops to capture and hold excess nitrate in the rooting zone until the following season