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Home > Plants, Pests & Pest Control > Pest Management > Invasive Plant Pests > Pest Regulations

Pest Regulations

The Minnesota Department of Agriculture (MDA) works to prevent the introduction and spread of destructive invasive species in Minnesota. For some organisms, regulating the movement of certain products or materials can help to prevent introductions and spread.

Quarantine and Compliance Agreement Information

Quarantines help prevent potentially dangerous or destructive organisms from spreading into new areas. For example, a quarantine for the emerald ash borer is meant to prevent the movement of infested firewood or ash wood that might harbor emerald ash borer life stages.

When a need exists to move an item that could transport a regulated organism out of a quarantine area a compliance agreement is issued. A compliance agreement describes what steps will be taken by the entity to ensure that the regulated organism is not moved along with the item. A compliance agreement can be obtained through the Minnesota Department of Agriculture or United States Department of Agriculture. Contact the MDA if you need a compliance agreement.

Insects and Pathogens Regulated Under Quarantines in Minnesota

Emerald Ash Borer – a number of counties are quarantined to prevent the spread of EAB within Minnesota

Gypsy Moth – a number of counties are quarantined to prevent the spread of gypsy moth within Minnesota

Mountain Pine Beetle – pine wood with bark from the western U.S. is prohibited from entering Minnesota due to mountain pine beetle

Thousand Cankers Disease of Walnut – walnut wood with bark and walnut trees are prohibited from entering Minnesota from areas where thousand cankers diseases is present

Firewood Information

Firewood is considered to be one of the most prominent ways in which humans assist in spreading invasive pests. It is important to be aware of regulations that affect the movement of firewood.