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Structural Pest Control Applicator License Requirements

Structural Pest Control Applicators (SPCA) are persons who apply pesticides or use any device to control pests on or in structures for hire. SPCA are known as pest control operators or exterminators. SPCA may not commercially apply any pesticide UNTIL they received a pesticide applicator license and license identification card. Minnesota law requires SPCA to carry a valid pesticide applicator license identification card. License identification cards are issued and mailed along with the pesticide applicator license which must be prominently displayed in the place of business.

The Structural Pest Control Applicator license and license identification card are issued when the required exams have been passed and all other licensing requirements have been met. The license and identification card are not transferable to other individuals or companies. The license expires annually on December 31.

New applicators must be certified as competent in Minnesota. Competent means able and qualified to safely and properly perform the duties associated with pest control. Competency of new applicators is determined with a written tests, Category A, Core and SPCA Journeyman, administered by the Minnesota Department of Agriculture (MDA). Upon passing the pesticide applicator tests and fulfilling all other requirements, a Minnesota Structural Pest Control Applicator license and identification card are issued.

How to Apply for a Structural Pest Control Applicator (SPCA) License

  1. Complete a NEW Pesticide Applicator License application form (structural). Go to Online Licensing & Payment Options to apply on line or go to Pesticide Applicator Licensing and download and print a form to complete and mail to the MDA.
  2. Submit license fee with application form. Fees are non-transferable and non-refundable. Payment for license must be made before taking the certification exams.
  3. Take and pass the required certification exam(s), Category A, Core and SPCA Journeyman. The exams are closed book and 70% or better is passing. The SPCA Journeyman or Master exam is required to become licensed. Exams are given at the MDA St. Paul Office at 625 Robert St. N. in St. Paul by appointment only. Call 651-201-6633 to schedule an
  4. Meet Financial Responsibility requirements for the license. All Structural Pest Control Applicators, and Structural Pest Control Applicators must meet Financial Responsibility requirements. Financial Responsibility may be one of the following: commercial liability insurance, net assets statement, or surety bond. See Financial Responsibility Requirements


There are 2 categories of Structural Pest Control Applicators, Journeyman and Master. To become a SPCA Master, an applicator must be employed for at least 2 years as a Journeyman at a Structural Pest Control Company that employs at least one SPCA Master.

Company (Business) License

To obtain a Structural Pest Control Applicator license, applicators must be employed by a licensed Structural Pest Control Company that employs at least one SPCA Master. Structural Pest Control Companies must provide workers compensation insurance information, social security number and/or a Minnesota Business Identification Number. Failing to supply this
information may jeopardize or delay the issuance of the license. See Workers Compensation Insurance and Financial Responsibility Requirements fact sheets on the Pesticide Applicator Licensing.

License Fees & Agricultural Chemical Response Reimbursement Account (ACRRA) Surcharge Reciprocal License

MDA accepts certification (reciprocity) in certain states for residents of those states in lieu of testing to obtain a Minnesota pesticide applicator license. There is no reciprocity for Master Structural Pest Control Applicators. See Pesticide Applicator License Requirements, Reciprocal.

Structural Pest Control Fee
Company License Fee $200
Agricultural Chemical Response & Reimbursement Account (ACRRA) $33
Company License Late Renewal Fee (after Dec 31) $100
Applicator License Fee $50
Applicator License Late Renewal Fee (after Dec 31) $25

Renewal Requirements

All pesticide applicator licenses expire on December 31. Renewal application forms are mailed to the employer in November. The license fee is due at the time of renewal. Licenses can be renewed online, by mail or in person at the MDA. Online renewal or in person renewal can be paid with a Mastercard or Visa credit card.

If a license is not renewed by the expiration date, the late fee is 50% of the license fee.

If an applicator fails to renew a structural pest control license within three months of its expiration and wants to become licensed, the applicator must meet the requirements and follow the procedures as required for an initial license including taking the Category A, Core and SPCA Journeyman exams.

Applicators must meet recertification requirements. See Pesticide Applicator Recertification Requirements

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