(from lowest to highest as of June 2018)

Minnesota Dairy Herds with Low Somatic Cell Counts (SCC)

Producer Name County Plant
Dan and Jolene Schlangen Stearns First District Association
Roger R and Laura Primus Todd Osakis Creamery
Knisley Dairy Inc. Kandiyohi First District Association
Robert and Terri Ketchum Winona Ellsworth
Felling Dairy LLC Stearns First District Association
Hendel Farms Houston AMPI
Kent Happke Morrison AMPI
Anthony and Matt Berktold Wabasha Ellsworth
Mark T Klehr Scott AMPI
Gregory Dairy LLC Stearns First District Association
Randy and Kathy Bauer Rice Agropur - LeSueur Cheese
Kenneth Thurk Pope Osakis Creamery
Riverview LLP - West Dublin Swift First District Association
James Hesse Carver Bongards Creamery
Dennis and Wayne Wolters Morrison Elmdale Creamery
Joe and Kim Engelmeyer Stearns Bongards Creamery
Paul Mehr Stearns First District Association
Jeff Middendorf Stearns First District Association
Dev-Lin Holsteins, LLC Houston Calhoun Creamery
Keith Middendorf Todd First District Association
Schefers Bros LLC Stearns AMPI
Herdering Farms Inc Stearns Land O'Lakes
Tim and Julie Bruder Todd Osakis Creamery
Schreiber Brothers Winona Plainview Milk Products Cooperative
Dean and Elizabeth Johnson Cottonwood Agropur - LeSueur Cheese
Trevor and Lisa Dicke Goodhue Ellsworth
Merdan Dairy Inc Stearns AMPI
Jon Meyer Wabasha Ellsworth
Marshall and Melanie Korn Kandiyohi First District Association
O' Reilly Organic Dairy LLC Goodhue National Farmers/Org. Valley
Hoef's Dairy LLC LeSueur Agropur - LeSueur Cheese
Burfeind Dairy Farm LLC Goodhue First District Association
Zweber Farms LLC Scott National Farmers/Org. Valley
Paul and Bonnie Middendorf Todd Nelson Creamery Association
Jerry Dick Wabasha Plainview Milk Products Cooperative
Bruce and Jill Boettcher Carver Bongards Creamery
Gary and Anne Meyer Stearns First District Association
Autumn Breeze Dairy Brown First District Association
Craig Duden Goodhue Hastings Cooperative Creamery
Houdek Dairy, LLC Houston Calhoun Creamery
Roger and Mary Swart Kandiyohi First District Association
Reiland Farms Mower Land O' Lakes
Selke Farms Winona Plainview Milk Products Cooperative
Nicholas and Annie Stalboeger Stearns Bongards Creamery
Andy Varner Stearns Sunrise Ag Cooperative
Kevin Braulick Brown Bongards Creamery
Hollermann Family Dairy Inc Todd First District Association
Bill Miller Wabasha Plainview Milk Products Cooperative
Allen and Nancy Dauer Nicollet First District Association
Maren D. Holst Wabasha Land O' Lakes
Deer-Brook Farms Inc Winona Land O' Lakes
Leisen Farms Inc Wabasha Plainview Milk Products Cooperative
Hoffman Farm Olmsted AMPI
Joel and Barb Grimm Carver Bongards Creamery
Del and Cindy Euerle Meeker First District Association
Dicke Century Farm Goodhue Hastings Cooperative Creamery
Scott Herber Winona AMPI
David Hallberg and Steph Larson Kandiyohi First District Association
Nosbush Dairy Renville First District Association
Mark Brosig Winona AMPI
Andy and Darieenne Frickson Winona Foremost Farms USA / Plainview Milk Products Cooperative
Travis and Angela Scherping Stearns National Farmers/Org. Valley
Ted Keller Goodhue Plainview Milk Products Cooperative
Shawn and Sarah Winscher Morrison Sunrise Ag Cooperative
Phillip Schmiesing Stearns AMPI
Lone Oak Acres Dakota Hastings Cooperative Creamery
Schroeder Brothers LLC Houston Land O' Lakes
New Heights Dairy LLC Benton Sobieski Coop Creamery
Ron or Cindy Middendorf Stearns First District Association
Jeremy E. Beyer Winona Foremost Farms USA
Enchanted Dairy LLP Morrison Land O' Lakes
Theodore Kennebeck Wabasha National Farmers/Org. Valley
Evergreen Acres Dairy LLC Stearns AMPI
Valley Acres Dairy LLC #1 Winona AMPI
Brandon and Jill Marshik Benton Gilman Coop Creamery
Jon and Ashley Meyers Goodhue National Farmers/Org. Valley
Lindo Farms LLC Chisago AMPI
Terry and Ryan Stinson Winona Foremost Farms USA
Mitchell Mehrwerth Benton Gilman Coop Creamery
Colleen Hauser Brown Springfield Creamery
Bob and Kaylie Gruber Morrison Sunrise Ag Cooperative
Reuben & Janice Stommes Stearns First District Association
D and L Johnson Dairy LLC Winona Plainview Milk Products Cooperative
Duckwitz Farm Partnership Swift AMPI
Dale R Spindler Steele AMPI
D and D Dairy LLP Winona AMPI
Shir-Man Holsteins II Fillmore AMPI
Jon and Cheryl Farber Sibley Bongards Creamery
Schiffler Dairy LLC Stearns First District Association
Lindahl Farms LLC Chisago Ellsworth
SOO Line Dairy, Inc Stearns First District Association
Robert and Ann Cremers Stearns First District Association
Kevin Hanson Polk Land O' Lakes
Suzanne Jacobs Ottertail Nelson Creamery Association
Staci Sexton Wabasha Plainview Milk Products Cooperative
Brian Libbesmeier Meeker First District Association
Lynn Miller Dodge Plainview Milk Products Cooperative
Marvin Rademacher Stearns AMPI
James A Olson Family Winona Elba Co-op Creamery
Jeff Montag Benton Gilman Coop Creamery
Moger Farms Winona Plainview Milk Products Cooperative
Trevor Kral Brown Bongards Creamery
Kuechle Dairy LLC Stearns First District Association
Michael & Kris Banse Houston Calhoun Creamery
Shea Dairy Inc Olmsted AMPI
Stan and Bev Meyer Houston Foremost Farms USA
Steve and Estelle Martin Pine Land O' Lakes
Ryan Griffin Marshall Land O' Lakes
Stelling Farms Inc Wabasha Plainview Milk Products Cooperative
Brian Weyer Stearns AMPI
Frank and Ione Patrick Stearns Sobieski Coop Creamery