A plane conducts a gypsy moth treatment in an urban areaThe aircraft normally arrives at urban sites at sunrise or shortly before. Weather conditions are most ideal early in the morning. Residents may be awakened on that day by the noise of the low-flying airplane.
The aircraft flies over the treatment block, making sequential passes. It will be very low (about 50 feet above the treetops), and loud.

The MDA offers the following tips and information to residents in and around the treatment area:

  • The residue from the Foray product will not damage a vehicle's finish or outdoor items; however, you may notice a fine mist on the surface. Residents may wish to park vehicles indoors to avoid having to wash them after the application. Soapy water will remove any residue on vehicles or outdoor items.
  • Foray has no known health effects for humans, but residents may wish to stay indoors during the treatment and keep windows closed for a half hour after application. Residents can cover gardens or turn on sprinklers during the treatment if they wish.
  • Foray has no known health effects for pets; however, the airplane noise may startle pets so residents may wish to keep them indoors during the treatment.
  • Those in the area may notice a fermented scent in the air. Since Foray is a bacteria, it is cultured using water and nutrients, such as sugars and starches, in a fermenting process similar to brewing beer.

Because Foray naturally breaks down in sunlight, two treatments are done over the same area. The second treatment will occur approximately 5-10 days following the first.