July 20, 2017

The Minnesota Department of Agriculture (MDA) has extended the public comment period for its draft proposal for the use of nitrogen fertilizer in Minnesota. The purpose of the proposed Nitrogen Fertilizer Rule is to minimize the potential for nitrate-nitrogen contamination from fertilizer in the state's groundwater and drinking water. Public comments will now be accepted through Friday, August 25, 2017.

“We’ve heard from farmers, commodity groups, and other leaders in our ag industry that more time is needed for them to weigh in on this proposal,” said MDA Commissioner Dave Frederickson. “We need their input and we’re going to make that extension. We’re also going to hold additional meetings in Northwestern Minnesota at the request of ag leaders and members of the public in that region.”

Public listening sessions on the draft rule will be held at the following locations:

Location Date Time
Roseau Civic Center
121 Center Street East
Roseau, MN 56751
Wed. July 26 6:30 pm
Warren Community Center
110 West Johnson Avenue
Warren, MN 56762
Thurs. July 27 8:30 am
Hawley High School
714 Joseph Street
Hawley, MN 56549
Thurs. July 27 7:00 pm

All comments regarding the proposed rule must be submitted in writing. After consideration of comments received, the MDA expects to publish the final draft of the rule in the fall of 2017. The rule is expected to be adopted in the fall of 2018.

Written comments on the draft Nitrogen Fertilizer Rule should be submitted by Friday August 25, 2017 via mail or email to:

Larry Gunderson 
Fertilizer Technical Unit Supervisor 
Minnesota Department of Agriculture 
625 Robert Street North 
St. Paul, MN, 55155-2538 

How to participate in public comment process: 

All comments should, but are not required to, include a contact name, phone number and/or email address to provide for follow-up discussion on specific comments.


Media Contact 
Margaret Hart, Communications Director