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Ag Opportunities on the Air

Welcome to the "Ag Opportunities on the Air" web page. Diversification is an important strategy for farmers looking to balance environmental performance, profitability, and quality of life/satisfaction on their farms. A series of broadcasts on all the member stations of Minnesota Farm Network brings you stories of people doing innovative things on their . [ Sound icon Listen to a quick overview ]

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Ag Diversification Compass Workbook: a guide to choosing new directions for your farm

Permission to rebroadcast: Any and all of these programs may be rebroadcast free of charge. Programs must be rebroadcast in their entirety, with or without the "to learn more about" tag, which may be customized. Additional customized openings and/or closings may be added at user's discretion. For more information, please contact Margaret Hart at 651-201-6131 or margaret.hart@state.mn.us

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Sound icon Grant programs help farmers try new things 10/8/2007

Grants are available to help Minnesota farmers try new strategies on their farms. The Minnesota Department of Agriculture and North Central Region SARE both offer farmer research and demonstration grants.

To request an information packet about these programs, please call 651-201-6012.


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Sound icon Edible Wild Plants and Weeds (2010)
Sound icon Growing Flax (2007)
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Sound icon Living Fences and Windbreaks (2007)
Sound icon Organic Farming - The Second Best Decision in my Life (2007)
Sound icon Potatoes in Peat - Growing and Marketing (2007)
Sound icon Specialty Hay - Markets and Production (2007)


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Sound icon Beekeeping and Honey Production (2007)
Sound icon Compost Bedding for Dairy Cows (2007)
Sound icon Composting Beef Manure Makes Black Gold (2007)
Sound icon Consumers are Hungry for Grass Fed Beef (2007)
Sound icon Game Farming - Deer and Elk (2007)
Sound icon Green Eggs Wow Customers (2007)
Sound icon Heritage Turkeys (2007)
Sound icon Meat Goats (2007)
Sound icon Milking Dairy Goats (2007)
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Sound icon Sheep and Lamb (2007)
Sound icon Step Right Up, Ladies: Automatic System Milks on Cows' Own Schedules 24/7 (2007)
Sound icon Transitioning for Organic Dairy (2007)
Sound icon Worm Farming (2007)
Sound icon Yakity Yakking About Yak (2007)

Fruits & Vegetables

Listen online:

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Sound icon Growing Gourmet Mushrooms (2010)

Sound icon Growing & Selling Squash (2010)

Sound icon Growing Gourmet Garlic (2010)

Sound icon CSAs Reduce Marketing Risk – Big Woods Farm (2010)

Sound icon Fruits of the Vine – Growing Grapes (2010)

Sound icon Indoor-Outdoor Fruit Trees | Extended Version (2010)

Sound icon Wineries Whining for Rhubarb (2010)

Sound icon Extending the Season with High Tunnels (2009)

Sound icon Start Your Own Apple Orchard (2007)
Sound icon Self-Serve Sweetcorn Stands (2007)
Sound icon Edible Flowers (2007)
Sound icon Hydroponic Winter Growing (2007)
Sound icon Community Supported Agriculture / Subscription Farming (2007)
Sound icon Bedding Plants (2007)
Sound icon Don Reding grows grapes on the prairie (2007)
Sound icon Flowers - high value; big demand (2007)


Marketing & Value-Added Enterprises

Listen online:

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Sound icon CSAs Reduce Marketing Risk – Big Woods Farm (2010)

Sound icon On-Farm Milling (2009)

Sound icon Farm to School – Good for Farmers and Kids (2009)

Sound icon Community Supported Agriculture / Subscription Farming (2007)
Sound icon Advice from a Young Farm Entrepreneur: The Next Farm Generation (2007)
Sound icon Direct Marketing to Restaurants (2007)
Sound icon On-Farm Processing - Adding Value to Small Grains (2007)
Sound icon Making Biodiesel on Your Farm (2007)
Sound icon #2 Yellow Corn Delivery Service - From Field to Furnace (2007)
Sound icon The Business End of Horse Boarding (2007)
Sound icon Renting Your Farm as Hunting Land (2007)
Sound icon Ag Tourism - Making Your Farm a Destination (2007)
Sound icon Selling at Farmers' Markets (2007)
Sound icon Starting a Pick Your Own Berry Business (2007)
Sound icon Chocolate Covered Potato Chips - What a treat! (2007)
Sound icon Farmstead Cheese (2007)
Sound icon Picking Rocks for Big Profits - Landscapers pay top dollar (2007)
Sound icon Growing Vodka in Minnesota Farm Fields (2007)
Sound icon Maple Syrup (2007)
Sound icon Ethanol from Barley? (2007)

Conserving Soil, Energy, and Resources

Listen online:

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Sound icon Auto Guidance Can Make Field Operations More Efficient (2007)
Sound icon Boosting Fertilizer and Fuel Efficiency with Strip Tillage (2007)
Sound icon Strip Till: Saving Money and Conserving Soil (2007)
Sound icon Wind Turbines: Harvesting energy on your own farm (2007)

You can get information on even more crop, livestock, farming system and alternative enterprise topics along with free decision making tools from the MDA by visiting Minnesota Farm Opportunities.

To suggest story ideas, send an e-mail to meg.moynihan@state.mn.us

Ag Opportunities on the Air project partners:

Funding for this project comes from the North Central Region SARE program. This material is based upon work supported by the Cooperative State Research Education and Extension Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture, and the Nebraska Agricultural Experiment Station, University of Nebraska -Lincoln, under Cooperative Agreement number 2004-38640-14464.

MDA Contact

Meg Moynihan, Principal Administrator
Meg.Moynihan@state.mn.us, 651-201-6616
Minnesota Farm Opportunities Program

Ag Marketing & Development Division